Salt & Pepper Wool grown here on our farm by Gotland & Leicester Longwool Sheep


New on the farm Spring 2022 was the arrival of three 100% Embryo Gotland lambs with Swedish genetics, two ewes and a ram. Recently imported Gotland semen, by way of New Zealand, that also was comprised of 100% Swedish Genetics, was utilized in our fall 2021 breeding to improve diversity and quality of our Gotland flock.
A New Zealand English Leicester ram, Karendale 4/19, was utilized through imported semen to add new genetics to our Leicester Longwool flock. The lambs born from this breeding are an exciting addition.
We expect to continue our work in coming years with further inclusion of imported genetics.

Members of American Gotland Sheep Society (AGSS), Gotland Sheep Breeders of North America (GSBANA), and Leicester Longwool Sheep Breeders Association (LLSBA)