Salt & Pepper Wool grown here on our farm by Gotland & Leicester Longwool Sheep

Welcome to Ashford Heights Farm

Ashford Heights Farm raises Gotland and Leicester Longwool Sheep for their wool fleece enjoyed by Hand Spinners and Yarn Enthusiasts. Our breeding program provides high quality breeding stock for new or expanding flocks.

Salt & Pepper Wool Yarn, Fleece, Roving, Pelts and Handwoven items are available for purchase along with animals for breeding or fiber stock.

Origins Of The Gotland Breed:

The breed was first established on the Swedish island of Gotland by the Vikings with Karakul and Romanov sheep brought back from expeditions deep into Russia and crossed with the native landrace sheep. The Vikings were great seafarers as well as sheep farmers and took these animals on their extensive voyages to provide meat and skins along the route. Hence the spread of these Northern short-tailed sheep and the development into related breeds such as Gute sheep, Icelandic, Finnsheep, Shetland, North Ronaldsay and Manx...

Upcoming Events


New England Farm & Fiber
Spring Edition May 21, 2023
Boston Public Market Boston, MA

Massachusetts Sheep & Woolcraft Fair
May 27 & 28, 2023
Cummington Fairground
Cummington, MA

North Adams Farmers Market
June 3, July 1, August 5, September 2 and October 7, 2023
North Adams, MA

Hancock Shaker Village Country Fair
September 23-24, 2023
Pittsfield, MA

Fiber Festival of New England
November 4-5, 2023
West Springfield, MA


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